Celebrities dare to bare as no make-up trend takes flight

Celebrities dare to bare as no make-up trend takes flight

A growing trend for celebrities posing in images without make up is gaining momentum as more and more famous faces embrace a ‘less is more’ approach to their cosmetics routines.

Kylie Jenner graced from the front cover of Allure magazine with a fresh faced look, while Mila Kunis appeared on the back cover of Glamour magazine with just skin cream on, telling the magazine, “I commend women who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put on eyeliner. I think it’s ­beautiful. I’m just not that person,” as reported in USA Today.

Global superstar Adele even got in on the action, posting some bare-faced selfies on her Instagram account.

Garnering more and more followers, the movement comes as celebrities join forces to encourage women to love their natural selves and, speaking to USA Today, Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive said the trend isn’t going anywhere.

“There’s a movement among women, and in the culture overall, toward authenticity,“ said Leive. “It doesn’t mean that wearing zero makeup is inherently more authentic than a 12-step tutorial on contouring on YouTube. It means showing who you are underneath it all feels good and is empowering.”