CEO for the day: A$AP Rocky takes the helm at Klarna for 24 hours

CEO for the day: A$AP Rocky takes the helm at Klarna for 24 hours

THE WHAT? Rapper A$AP Rocky assumed the role of CEO for a day at Klarna at the start of June, in recognition of his recent investment in the global payments provider.

THE DETAILS The musician spent his short time at the helm renouncing the global fashion hibernation that has dominated the past year and encouraging everyone to rediscover the joy of dressing up.

“Klarna is a company that looks ahead and challenges the status quo, which makes partnering with them so appealing to me,” said A$AP Rocky. “I’m excited to begin working with Klarna in a number of ways, including jointly creating a space for people to rediscover style as we emerge from a global fashion hibernation.

THE WHY? Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and Co-founder of Klarna commented, “A$AP Rocky defies categorization; a musician, actor, philanthropist, an opinion leader in style, and fundamentally someone who understands what the public wants from so many vantage points. He challenges the status quo each day. As the consumer experience in retail now demands discovery, curation and sustainability, we at Klarna have a lot to learn from him. Besides, after sixteen years since founding Klarna, I think I deserve a day off.”