Chanel buys jasmine fields to safeguard No.5

Chanel buys jasmine fields to safeguard No.5

THE WHAT? Chanel is taking supply chain surety to a whole new level, purchasing 10 hectares in the South of France where the jasmine used in its signature fragrance, No.5, is grown, according to a report published by Reuters.

THE DETAILS The jasmine grown in the region is said to have a particular scent, impossible to replicate elsewhere, per Reuters. Chanel already owns some 20 hectares of farmland just outside Grasse and the additional flower fields will further safeguard production.

THE WHY? Property in Grasse sells at a premium, threatening the traditional harvest so essential to Chanel’s production of its classic scent. The luxury fashion house has therefore taken the necessary step to safeguard future harvests.

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