Chanel unveils 3D bio-printed skin featuring dark spots

Chanel unveils 3D bio-printed skin featuring dark spots

THE WHAT? Chanel has unveiled a reconstructed human skin sample with a pigment spot created in collaboration with Labskin Creations via a combination of cell culture and 3D bioprinting, according to a report published by 3D Natives.

THE DETAILS The model uses bio-ink containing melanocytes which cause a pigment spot to appear in the sample gradually as they mature. Chanel told 3D Natives, “This exclusive model, designed using human cells in their microenvironment, allows us to explore and better understand the biological mechanisms linked to skin pigment irregularities.”

THE WHY? The project is aimed at better assessing the mechanism of imperfections in order to test the effectiveness of preventative and corrective active ingredients and, in turn, produce more effective skin care products.