Chanel waves goodbye to Head of External Comms

Chanel waves goodbye to Head of External Comms

THE WHAT? After a 50-year career at Chanel, Marie-Louise de Clermont-Tonnerre has stepped down from her role of Head of External Communications at the French fashion house, according to a report published by Fashion United.

THE DETAILS Her successor is yet to be announced and will have some pretty big shoes to fill, if Chanel President, Bruno Pavlovsky’s description of de Clermont-Tonnerre as ‘defining Chanel’s public relations and press organization’ is anything to go by. “She has left an indelible mark on the house, helping to reinforce the image of elegance, authenticity and Parisian spirit that characterize Chanel,” wrote Pavlovsky in an internal memo, per WWD.

THE WHY? No details regarding the reason for de Clermont-Tonnerre’s departure were disclosed but, having joined the company in 1971, we’re assuming she is approaching retirement age (although it wouldn’t be at all chic to admit that).