Charlotte Tilbury Launches Innovative Neuroscents Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Launches Innovative Neuroscents Collection

THE WHAT?  Charlotte Tilbury, celebrated makeup artist and entrepreneur, is launching a new collection of fragrances designed to evoke a variety of emotions using IFF’s cutting-edge technology. The collection, known as neuroscents, seeks to empower users by enhancing their mood in the same way high-quality makeup or skincare might.

THE DETAILS The launch marks a significant milestone for Charlotte Tilbury’s brand, which began in 2013 and aims to grow into a 1 billion-euro business across makeup, skincare, and now fragrances. This expansion into fragrances is seen as a strategic move to become a “tri-axis powerhouse,” leveraging the expertise of its parent company, Puig, which owns a range of niche and major fragrance brands.

THE WHY?  The new fragrance line includes scents such as Love Frequency, More Sex, Cosmic Power, Magic Energy, Calm Bliss, and Joyphoria, inspired by Tilbury’s research and her aromatic experiences in Ibiza during her childhood. This collection utilizes proprietary technology from IFF, a leader in the study of the impact of scents on the brain, aiming to significantly enhance the user’s mood and emotional state.