Chemicals in cosmetics face scrutiny at Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Chemicals in cosmetics face scrutiny at Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Green alternatives to some of the most contentious chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products will be key topic for discussion at this year’s Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, organisers have revealed.

The summit, which is taking place in New York City on May 14-16, usually explores marketing and consumer issues regarding sustainable ingredients. Yet this year, for the first time, the summit will examine safety concerns over chemical ingredients in personal care products and will discuss green alternatives.

The new topic has been selected in response to rising consumer interest in product formulations and growing concerns about the ecological and health impacts of ingredients.

The summit will showcase the growing range of green emulsifiers and surfactants which can be used to replace chemical alternatives in personal care applications. Sustainable alternatives to squalene and microplastic exfoliants will also be featured as both materials have come under scrutiny because of their high environmental footprints.

The risks and opportunities provided by nanomaterials will be debated, whilst other papers cover sustainable palm oil, and safety of natural materials. Organic Monitor will conduct a dedicated workshop on paraben-free preservative systems. Details will be given of novel green materials used for preservation, as well as ‘self-preserving’ formulations.