China’s FDA tightens up cosmetics marketing regulations

China’s FDA tightens up cosmetics marketing regulations

China’s Food and Drugs Administration has issued a set of strict regulations governing the marketing of cosmetics across the country. The new rules bar companies from claiming that their products have any medical benefits, according to a report published by Jing Daily.

E-commerce platform Taobao has already moved to block searches for ‘medical cosmetics’, although Tmall and were yet to do so as Jing Daily went to press. Several of the larger cosmetics brands have also been scrambling to erase medical claims from their online literature too.

“This will lead to more significant changes in the industry and will protect young consumers,” Dao Nguyen, Founder of creative strategy agency Essenzia, told Jing Daily. “The new law will only make [cosmetic brands] check that the translation/used words are in line with the requests but deep down, it should not change their ways of marketing the products very much.”