Chinese cosmetic’s company sets sights on North America

Chinese cosmetic’s company sets sights on North America

Premium cosmetics brand Herborist, owned by Jahwa, is set to launch in North America in a bid to capitalise on the market with its Chinese traditional medicine techniques.

Subrina Liu, Head of Marketing for the company, hopes to balance the needs of Chinese and Western consumers and is touted to move to the US to spearhead the launch of the brand in the North American market.

The premium cosmetic brand was created more than 110 years ago in Shanghai and is rooted in traditional medicines. It ranks number one in the natural segment according to China Market Monitor, while its light green packaging also has Taoist roots with yin-yang imagery created by Chinese designers.

Despite being popular amongst Chinese consumers, the traditional cosmetics concept is largely lost amongst western women. However, the brand has a niche following in France and is likened to companies such as L’Occitane, Biotherm and Jurlique.

Launching into the overseas market in 2008, it has a large presence in France, which in turn has strong cultural ties to Asia, with its approval standards for beauty products also being higher than most countries, including the U.S. Available in other European markets, Herborist is set to launch into the UK this summer.

Liu said, “France is famous for its skin care. If we are accepted there, it’s easier to be accepted globally. China is still the base of the brand, we have to be strong here first, but I’ve dreamed of making a Chinese brand international and Herborist is ready.”