Chinese shoppers boycott J-beauty over Fukishima release

Chinese shoppers boycott J-beauty over Fukishima release

THE WHAT? Chinese shoppers are boycotting J-beauty over a planned discharge of water from Japan’s Fukishima No 1 nuclear plant, according to a report published by the Japan Times.

THE DETAILS Those pushing for the boycott believe that the water could be harmful to health, although the assertion is unproven. Several social media users have published lists of Japanese brands and a hashtag created to draw attention to the movement has racked up some 300 million views on Weibo.

THE WHY? The plant’s water release has long been a sensitive issue between Japan and its neighbours and the boycott has sent shares in J-beauty’s biggest players tumbling, per the Japan Times. Shiseido saw 6.8 percent wiped off its share price last week while Pola Orbis and Kose stocks both fell more than 3 percent.