Chinese student brings fun serum face masks to UK

Chinese student brings fun serum face masks to UK

University of Nottingham student Lili Zhu has bought the fun serum face mask brand LianMask to the UK after spotting a gap in the market.

The masks, which feature different animal faces, use thin bamboo extract serum sheets that are pressed onto the skin and peeled off after use.

With rising popularity in Zhu’s home country of China, she realised there was a lack of similar designs in the UK while studying in Nottingham at the University’s Ingenuity Lab.

Speaking to The Nottingham Post, Zhu said, “I found it very difficult to find anything like the serum masks when I came to the UK from China to study.
“I had always wanted to establish my own business so after doing some research, I decided to set up my own company to specialise in sourcing and supplying the best serum masks from Asia, and providing them to the British market. I also want to make beauty treatment more sociable and fun.”

She continued, “I think that sometimes it’s presented as being a very serious thing in the media, and I want to help to change that, and encourage people to embrace their individuality.”

Zhu is encouraging people to have fun with the animal designs.