Christian Dior signs government employee support pledge to help the elderly

Christian Dior signs government employee support pledge to help the elderly

THE WHAT? Christian Dior has signed an employee support pledge alongside France’s Minister Delegate for Personal independence, Brigitte Bourguignon, which aims to allow support staff that are helping elderly relatives, according to a report by 

THE DETAILS The pledge is part of a program created by the French government that looks at helping elderly people during the pandemic. Drawn up with non-profit organization, the aim is to help employees work out the medical system and the country’s social services, while also giving days off. 

Bourguignon signed the agreement with the luxury fashion house during a visit to a Christian Dior haute couture workshop in Paris, where she watched presentations and took part in conversations with staff about the difficulty in working and looking after an elderly relative. 

THE WHY? With increasing scrutiny being placed on companies and their CSR actions following the pandemic, consumers are increasingly seeking authenticity from companies in their handling of issues such as staffing, diversity and sustainability.  

Speaking at the walk-around, Bourguignon said, “It is very important, for a house of this quality that is emblematic of French fashion, to see that behind the display of beauty there is also attention paid to the artisans, to all employees, to all the people that form the team behind this work — I believe it can give ideas to other businesses.”

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