Cible Skin’s Investment Boosts Growth

Cible Skin’s Investment Boosts Growth

THE WHAT?   French luxury skincare brand Cible Skin received a significant minority investment from Verlinvest, with undisclosed financial terms.

THE DETAILS The investment aims to accelerate Cible Skin’s growth in markets including Europe, China, the U.S., and South America, and to fund the development of new products and treatments utilizing its patented immune-cosmetic approach. Cible Skin was co-founded in 2015 by Raphaël Aknin and Jean Ginefri.

THE WHY? The brand’s product lineup, developed over five years and launched at the end of 2022, includes 12 face care items formulated with natural, clean active ingredients. The development process involved a scientific committee analyzing data from 6,000 faces over three years. Cible Skin’s approach focuses on enhancing skin’s immune system for protective, regenerative, and reparative benefits.