Circular Cosmetics: CBD 

Hemp plants flourish with astounding speed, requiring only a modest plot of land and minimal pesticides. Their roots delve deep, sourcing water and nutrients well below the topsoil, and they possess the remarkable ability to purify the air by absorbing heavy metals.

Hemp products seamlessly align with the contemporary consumer’s preference for sustainable, health-centric, and wellness-based beauty products, which gained traction in the post-COVID era.

However, it is peculiar that despite the vast potential and burgeoning growth in regions like North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, the beauty sector in Europe and Asia appears to be in retreat.

This month with the help of my panel,

Mallory Huron, Senior Strategist of Beauty & Wellness at Fashion Snoops

Nicole Brennan, Co-founder of Biogenic CBD

Angela Mustone, Founder of High on Love

We delve into the regulatory hurdles that are hindering expansion in this category.