Circular Cosmetics: Retail

The 1980’s a decade that began with a recession, which triggered an oil crisis and was at the height of the ‘Cold War’ tension between Russia & the West was also the decade in which the consolidation of modern environmental awareness, sustainability policies and a new perception of the relationship between industry, society and land become rooted in corporate strategy. 

In 2023 the evolutionary understanding of this relationship is the concept of the circular economy, which sees consumer products as having a lifecycle in a loop. 

But is ‘circularity’ possible for the cosmetics industry? 

An industry currently responsible for 100 billion tonnes of waste a year 

This month 

Amarjit Sahota, Founder at Ecovia Intelligence 

Jo Chidley, Founder of Re & Beauty Kitchen UK

Andrew Almack, CEO at Plastics For Change

Discuss how the retail sector could or should pivot towards a circular, waste-free carbon positive future.

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