Cocowell Corp reports sales growth thanks to coconut oil

Cocowell Corp reports sales growth thanks to coconut oil

The popularity of cosmetic products containing coconut oil, which is traditionally made and imported from the Philippines, has led to a boost in sales for Cocowell Corp.

The Osaka-based company not only supports local communities in the Philppines, it also uses part of its sales revenue to donate back, in the form of seedlings and fertilizer to the farmers.

With awareness of the cosmetic benefits of the ingredient growing amongst consumers, the company is wise to capitalize on this trend, and it shows in its sales figures. Indeed, company President Yu Mizui attended University in the Philippines to study environmental issues in developing countries, and as a result the company on a fast-track to success.

Speaking about the birth of his idea, Mizui said, “Generating a product that can only be produced locally would help increase the farmers’ income.”

The Philippines is the world’s largest producer of coconut oil, with numerous coconut farms in Filipino villages. However, as the fruit was sold as raw ingredients to large corporations overseas, the farmer’s wages were minimal. A fact that encourage Mizui to keep processing in the Philippines.

As a result Cocowell Corp decided to stick with traditional methods of producing coconut oil, as opposed to the way that many major plants produce it, which is said to better preserve the coconut’s taste and nutritional value.

Mizui continued, “I don’t want this to be just a temporary boom. I want to make coconut oil a part of the Japanese people’s lifestyle and also contribute to the development of villages in the Philippines.”