Cognex acquires South Korean AI startup Sualab in $195 million deal

Cognex acquires South Korean AI startup Sualab in $195 million deal

U.S. machine vision system manufacturer Cognex has acquired Korean-based artificial intelligence vision software developer startup Sualab in a $195 million deal, according to the Investor.

As part of the acquisition Cognex will use Sualab’s engineering team and its intellectual property in a bid to develop its leadership in deep learning-based machine vision, with a focus on the Asian market.

Robert J. Willett, President and CEO of Cognex, says, “Deep learning enables Cognex to solve many challenging inspection applications in factories, which, until now, could only be done by large teams of human visual inspectors.
“SUALAB’s considerable IP, engineering expertise, and extensive market coverage will help us to serve a fast-growing market, primarily in Asia. Today, tens of thousands of people perform difficult, tedious and error-prone visual inspections for flaws and defects on electronic components and subsystems which will be done more reliably and at lower cost in the future with deep learning-based machine vision.”

Co-founded in 2013 by Song Kiyoung, Sualab is a leading developer of vision software using deep learning for industrial applications. Kiyoung will join Cognex to ‘help lead the world’s largest team of engineers specializing in the use of deep learning for industrial machine vision applications.’

The acquisition showcases acknowledgement of Korean AI capabilities.

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