Colgate launches Save Water campaign across Saudi Arabia

Colgate launches Save Water campaign across Saudi Arabia

Colgate announced yesterday, on World Water Day, the launch of its Save Water initiative across Saudi Arabia, according to a report published by Arab News.

The campaign is designed to encourage consumers to make small changes to their everyday routine in order to conserve this precious resource and will be supported by a television commercial.

“Water is required in almost every phase of the product life cycle, from sourcing materials, to producing products, to consumer use of products,” said Scott Geldart, Vice President and General Manager Colgate-Palmolive North Africa Middle East and French Overseas Territories. “As part of our global water conservation efforts, we launched the Save Water television commercial to encourage consumers across the Kingdom to make every drop of water count.”

Daily per capita consumption of water in Saudi Arabia stands at 380 liters, well above the global average of 160 to 180 liters per day. Colgate is emploring consumers to save up to 15,000 liters a year by turning off the faucet while brushing their teeth or washing up, and a further 7,000 liters annually by reducing time spent in the shower by two minutes.