Colgate Palmolive CEO gives nod to Ramdev’s Patanjali market strength

Colgate Palmolive CEO gives nod to Ramdev’s Patanjali market strength

Ramdev’s Patanjali is still challenging Colgate Palmolive in terms of marketing strategy in the Indian personal care market, according to Colgate Palmolive CEO Ian Cook.

Speaking on an investor call, Cook highlighted Patanjali’s success in targeting the natural market in a bid to cater to consumer desire within the region, a move which boosted the company’s share of the market while Colgate Palmolive India’s share fell 1.8 percent last year. 

While Colgate Palmolive still holds a 55.6 percent share in the toothpaste market, it was the biggest market drop in ten years for the company, with Cook acknowledging that Patanjali was working with the right marketing formula. 

Speaking on the call, he said, “Patanjali in India takes a very nationalist view of its business. These are concepts in the local market. They tend to be premium price oriented and it means that you have to respond with a very specifically constructed offering that attacks the benefit the consumer is looking for. Hence the natural — the natural reaction.”

Colgate Palmolive India has been working on developing its on naturals foothold with the launch of products such as Cibaca Vedshakti – its first ayurvedic brand for the Indian market hoped to challenge the Dant Kanti toothpaste by Patanjali. 

Cook continued, “And in the end, the winner over time in these clashes are going to be the companies that best understand the consumer and serve them offerings that they want over time and of course that’s what we all resourced and focused on doing.”