Colgate Palmolive launches Colgate Smile Fund to build resilience in youth 

Colgate Palmolive launches Colgate Smile Fund to build resilience in youth 

THE WHAT? Colgate Palmolive has launched the Colgate Smile Fund initiative, which will invest in non-profit organizations that help to equip today’s young people with the skills needed to thrive in and out of school.

THE DETAILS According to Colgate Palmolive, “Kids are in a critical developmental phase in their lives where they can still shape their long-term outlook and ability to overcome challenges. And with the right support, today’s youth can get back on track to become more resilient, optimistic people.”

In its first year, the Colgate Smile Fund will award a donation to City Year, a non-profit organization that works in systemically under-resourced schools across the U.S. to help students succeed.

THE WHY? Colgate’s Smile Fund donation will assist in the development of social-emotional training resources and capacity building for City Year AmeriCorps members; young adults who serve full time in schools.

The training will support AmeriCorps members in their role as student success coaches, helping children build critical life skills like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship-building and decision-making.

Bill Van de Graaf, Vice President of Marketing North America, Colgate-Palmolive, said, “I’m enormously proud of our new Colgate Smile Fund initiative and the support of City Year. Teaming up with City Year provides a special opportunity to help kids across the country with the needed resilience and optimism training that can help set them up for long-term success.”