Colombia one step closer to animal testing ban

Colombia one step closer to animal testing ban

Colombia has taken a major step towards banning the practice of testing cosmetics on animals, according to Cruelty Free International.

The House of Representatives of the Congress of Colombia has voted unanimously in favour of a bill, initiated by MP Juan Carlos Losada, that purports to ban the practice as well as make the sale of cosmetics and toiletries that have been newly tested on animals illegal in the South American country.  

“Sincere congratulations to Honorable Losada and every success for the next stage of his bill,” commented Kerry Postlewhite, Director of Public Affairs for Cruelty Free International. “People around the world are now clear that the use of animals in cosmetics testing must stop everywhere and forever. We very much hope that Colombia will very soon join the growing list of countries taking action, bringing us closer to closing the door globally on this cruel and unnecessary practice.”

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