Consumer survey reveals most trusted cosmetics brands

Consumer survey reveals most trusted cosmetics brands

Consumers trust cosmetics brands such as L’Oreal, Dove, Neutrogena, Revlon, Pantene, Maybelline and Covergirl, according to a survey by US market research firm BrandSpark.

The survey of 80,000 US shoppers revealed that L’Oreal was the most trusted brand in hair colour and tied with Pantene for hair treatment products.

Dove was the most trusted brand for body wash, Neutrogena was named the most trusted brand for facial cleanser and Revlon was the most trusted lipstick. Olay was singled-out as the most trusted women’s facial skin and anti-ageing moisturizer and Maybelline was the most trusted mascara. For the full list of trusted brands, click here.

Robert Levy, President and CEO of BrandSpark International, commented, “The 2015 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards honor CPG brands that are dependable, well-known and in most cases, have been part of American family life for generations.”

“Our study shows 7 in 10 Americans place a high importance on established trust in a brand when purchasing a new product. The BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards help shoppers make purchasing decisions by easily identifying the brands that are most trusted by other consumers. This is especially useful to consumers shopping in unfamiliar categories.”

Consumers were surveyed about brands in the food and beverage, health and beauty, household and kids markets. The survey found that out of all the product types included across the categories, trust in a brand plays the most important role in the decision to purchase beauty products.  A total of 72 percent of respondents consider trust extremely or very important when purchasing beauty products, compared to 65 percent for health products and 63 percent for food and beverage products.

Consumers’ reasons for citing a brand as being their most trusted varied by category. For health and beauty brands, trust is built on effectiveness, how the brand meets personal needs, and perception of a fair price. For household brands, consumers most often cite effectiveness, while for kids’ brands, a guarantee of safety and gentleness is most important. Quality perceptions and taste drive which food brands are most trusted, while taste preferences are most often cited as the reason for favouring one beverage brand over others.

When respondents were asked to rate what increases their trust in a brand, at the top of the list was responding quickly to serious product issues, cited by 70% as “greatly” increasing trust in a brand.

Pricing and promotion also play a role in brand trust, with 50% saying that consistent pricing greatly increases their affinity for a brand, and just 33% saying the same about “high value promotions”.

Positive social actions may also increase trust, with 66% saying that support for charitable causes would positively increase their trust in a brand, though only 20% said it would greatly increase it.