Consumers favour herbal cosmetics, claims new report

Consumers favour herbal cosmetics, claims new report

According to a new report, the market share for herbal beauty products has increased considerably in comparison to synthetic products thanks to their popularity with consumers.

Products such as herbal skin care, hair care and make up items are said to be on the rise due to increased awareness of harmful chemicals added to synthetic products. Indeed manufacturers are continuing to focus on research and development to create products that adhere to customer demand, with North America and Europe said to hold the largest market share for sun care and skin care products. There are said to be more than 600 herbal beauty products in North America, which posts double digit growth in this area. Meanwhile Brazil is pitted for a strong growth going forward.

While there are exclusive herbal products sold at departmental stores, distribution channels such as online retail and tele-home shopping is supposed to be the key area for sales and expected to fuel the growth of herbal beauty products over the next five to six years.

Another boost for the industry comes from regulatory bodies being focussed on bolstering consumer awareness of the ingredients within products, with an emphasis on listing ingredients on labels. Meanwhile manufacturing companies are set to increase the usage of nanoparticles, which enhances the quality of herbal products. Product launch and collaboration are thought to be the key strategies being adopted by herbal beauty product companies.