Cosmetics first: L’Oréal debuts wearable electronic sun sensor

Cosmetics first: L’Oréal debuts wearable electronic sun sensor

L’Oréal has unveiled two new technology products at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. The French beauty giant has developed a wearable it is hailing as the first battery-free, electronic sun sensor, UV Sense, as well as a limited edition of its award-winning My UV Patch. Both technologies will be available from the La Roche-Posay brand this year.

“L’Oréal research shows that overexposure to UV rays is a top health and beauty concern of consumers worldwide,” said Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator. “With this knowledge, we set out to create something that blends problem-solving technology with human-centered design to reach even more consumers who require additional information about their UV exposure. Whenever we develop a new technology, our goal is to make an enormous global impact by enhancing consumers’ lives.”

At less than 2mm thick and 9mm in diameter, UV Sense is designed to be work for up to two weeks on the thumbnail – it can then be reapplied with additional adhesives. The sensor measures individual UV exposure and can store up to three months of data. The wearable has an accompanying app, which translates data from the sensor, delivering consumer-friendly information to the user encouraging sun-safe habits.