Coty forms strategic partnership to support digital platforms such as Alipay in travel retail 

Coty forms strategic partnership to support digital platforms such as Alipay in travel retail 

THE WHAT? Coty has signed the Global Travel Retail Joint Business Partnership with Ant Group to ‘enhance the cooperation in digitalization.’

THE DETAILS The partnership will make Coty the first beauty company to reach the strategic partnership in travel retail to support digital platforms like Alipay and other digital payment methods at a global level through Alipay+, a suite of global cross-border mobile payments and marketing solutions operated by Ant Group.

According to a press release, “Based on the partnership, Coty will continue expanding the travel retail business through the digital operation powered by Alipay+, by creating comprehensive and diversified brand campaigns via Alipay and other payment platforms, and offering more customized consumer experience with higher quality and efficiency.”

The beauty company will continue to expand its travel retail business via the Alipay+ digital operation and create diversified brand campaigns via Alipay. 

This strategic partnership will extend from China to a wider area of APAC, and further to Coty’s global travel retail market.

THE WHY? The agreement allows Coty to bolster its digital service, as well as the travel business. 

Caroline Andreotti, Executive Vice President of Coty’s Global Travel Retail Business, said, “The cooperation with Ant Group in digitalization will help us serve our customers better.

“In the future, Coty and Ant will continue to work together to explore more possibilities of digital channels to improve consumer experience. We will also aim to deliver better services and products to more consumers around the world on their travel journey, and let them enjoy a better, more convenient and sustainable future.”