Coty launches digital accelerator start-up program

Coty launches digital accelerator start-up program

Coty has announced a new program for nascent tech businesses to share their latest innovations at its Quarterly Digital Accelerator Summit and earn the opportunity to work with Coty’s brand portfolio.

The new program follows the successful launch of Coty’s Digital Accelerator in 2017, and will focus on a series of capabilities, the first of which is Artificial Intelligence. Interested start-ups can submit their AI pitch to Coty by March 12. Coty will select eight finalists based on projected growth impact on one or multiple Coty brands to present their ideals at the summit at the end of March.

 “Partnerships between Coty and emerging companies such as Beamly and Holition, which launched our first app free Augmented Reality (AR) experience exclusively for CoverGirl, is an indication of how we’d like to bring disruptive new approaches to the market in partnership with unique new players in AI, AR, voice and other rapidly growing technologies. We intend to foster these relationships and look forward to more examples like this coming out of our DigitalAccelerator summits,” said Fred Gerantabee, Coty’s VP of Digital Innovation.