Counterfeit cosmetics ‘rife’ on TikTok Shop

Counterfeit cosmetics ‘rife’ on TikTok Shop

THE WHAT? TikTok is profiting from the sale of fake beauty products, according to a report published by The Observer newspaper. The publication claims that, despite policies expressly forbidding the sale of counterfeit products, third-party vendors on the social media site’s in-app shopping feature are touting numerous dupes.

THE DETAILS Among the products offered for sale are dodgy Dior fragrances, Vaseline lip balms that have never seen a Unilever factory and fake Maybelline mascaras. Some products being sold via the site contain banned ingredients or are available only via prescription.

THE WHY? While TikTok has blocked searches for banned or prescription-only ingredients such as hydroquinone and tretinoin and told The Observer that it takes intellectual property infringement seriously, it clearly needs to do more or risk the ire of the brands and, more importantly, lose its slice of their advertising budgets.