Counterfeit make-up how-to videos emerge as new trend in China

Videos of how to make counterfeit cosmetics have emerged as a new trend within China, with the clips trending on Chinese short video platform Douyin, according to a report by Jing Daily.

The how-to videos are being seen as entertainment within the country, with consumers able to watch vloggers demonstrate how to prepare and pour a lipstick into a stub, shape with a shaping tool and stick on labels.

Taking the videos one step further, users are able to purchase the counterfeit items by contacting the seller or leaving their WeChat details, with one vlogger explaining their actions by stating, ‘“We are giving back the quality and price that you deserve.”

However, some vloggers are deciding to focus on the natural ingredients used within the products as opposed to the counterfeit angle, stating that by showcasing how products are made they are highlighting their natural credentials, despite them failing to comply with stringent technical requirements that are compulsory for organic products.

Video sites such as Douyin and Kuaishou have stated they will stop recommending counterfeit videos on their sites, with repercussions for creators.