CoverGirl launches new campaign to end ‘make-up shaming’

CoverGirl launches new campaign to end ‘make-up shaming’

CoverGirl has launched a new campaign aimed at addressing the negative reaction women face when applying make-up on the go.

Inspired by a sign displayed in New York City subways which states ‘Everyone wants to look their best but it’s a subway car, not a restroom’, the Coty-owned brand is drawing attention to the phenomenon it’s dubbed ‘make-up shaming’ and is encouraging women to embrace public beauty routines via Project PDA.

According to a survey conducted by CoverGirl and IPSOS, more than half of women who wear make-up would feel uncomfortable applying their products in public, while 52 percent feel judged for their signature look and 74 percent feel the need to wear make-up in social settings.

To fight against this social stigma, CoverGirl installed mirrors throughout Manhattan and encouraged women to apply their make-up on the go. The brand has captured their reactions in a YouTube video and is supporting the effort through digital, social and influencer marketing, encouraging people to use the hashtag #ProjectPDA.   


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