Cracking the vegan market: Lush to go egg-free

Cracking the vegan market: Lush to go egg-free

Lush has announced that it will no longer include eggs in any of its beauty products, according to a report published by Plant Based News.

The ethical beauty giant’s products are suitable for vegetarians but not yet vegan, with ingredients of animal origin such as milk, lanolin, honey and (until now) eggs precluding 100 percent plant-based status.

Now the UK-based bath bomb maker has reformulated six products with egg replacements such as aquafaba, tofu and soy yoghurt.

“Unconvinced that even the very best egg production is free from suffering, we have removed eggs from all our products, replacing them with great ingredients such as linseed and aquafaba so you still get the best results,” Lush posted on his Instagram.