Croda announces support for Panama Beauty Project

Croda announces support for Panama Beauty Project

Croda is taking part in an initiative designed to change the lives of women and children in Panama. The Panama Beauty Project, which runs from February 8 through 13 is a cross-industry program to provide services and education on personal care development, hygiene and wellness technology.

Croda’s contribution comprises innovative texture formulations for hair masks, moisturising creams and a hand wash as well as sponsorship of the event.

Over the six days, sponsors and volunteers will provide practical demonstrations at the Centre for Panamanian Women, which works to improve the quality of life of low-income women in indigenous areas.

“At Croda, we believe in supporting the rights and developing the potential of all women and young people in all social spheres and we are proud to be supporting this Panamanian community,” said Sandra Breene, President Personal Care, Croda. “Sustainability is fundamental to everything we do, and in supporting this project we get to share our expertise to help them establish new means of leadership and trade.”

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