Croda Personal Care President to retire

Croda Personal Care President to retire

Croda has announced that Kevin Gallagher, President Personal Care and Actives, is to retire, effective January 1, 2016. “I am very proud of my 37-year-old career with Croda, and at having been an important part of the global leadership team that created ‘the most successful personal care ingredients business’,” said Gallagher.

Sandra Breene, currently President Health Care and Crop Care, will assume the role in his stead. Breene joined Croda Europe as a Research and Development Chemist in 1990 and began her commercial career in sales three years later.

“Sandra Breene’s experiences across Croda’s industries and her leadership style qualify her to step into this role. She is well-respected across the industry and exemplifies the company’s core values,” added Gallagher.


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