CTPA: UK has not and will not scrap animal testing ban

CTPA: UK has not and will not scrap animal testing ban

THE WHAT? Following a UK High Court ruling on a judicial review of the Home Office’s policy on animal testing in the UK, the CTPA has issued a statement contradicting media reports that suggest that animal testing could be reintroduced.

THE DETAILS Cruelty Free International issued a press release to the media claiming that the ban was ‘secretly abandoned’ in 2019. A government spokesperson told the CTPA, “There has been no change in our legislation and the ban on using animals for the testing of finished cosmetic products remains in force.”

THE WHY? Dr Emma Meredith, Director-General of CTPA stated, “I am extremely disappointed by the media reports covering the recent High Court Ruling on animal testing, which suggest animal testing for cosmetic products and their ingredients could be resumed in the UK.  This is absolutely not the case.  Animal testing on cosmetic products has been banned in the UK since the late 90s and these strict bans remain in place and will continue to be a key part of the UK cosmetics law, whether or not a product makes a ‘not tested on animals’ or ‘cruelty-free’ claim.” 

In contrast Cruelty Free International Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, commented in a statement, ‘It is outrageous that the Government has abandoned the ban on using animals in cosmetics testing, and did so in secret while giving the impression that the policy remained in place. Documents the Home Office was forced to disclose in the case show clearly that it was prioritising the interests of contract-testing companies over those of animals and the wishes of the vast majority of British people who are strongly opposed to cosmetics testing. Now that the High Court has said it can do so, we call on the Government immediately to reinstate the policy ban.”