Deborah, Kiko and Diego dalla Palma join Tmall Global

Deborah, Kiko and Diego dalla Palma join Tmall Global

Tmall Global has announced that it has welcomed four of Italy’s top beauty brands to its cross-border e-commerce platform.

Deborah, Kiko, and Diego dalla Palma’s eponymous brand, as well as its RVB Lab line have all launched on the Alibaba Group-owned site in the last six months, and their collective membership was celebrated at an event in Milan last week, hosted by Tmall Global and Tmall Discovery.

“China is one of the fastest-growing markets, and thanks to the prestigious shop window provided by Alibaba Group’s Tmall Global, we aim to boost growth in that area,” said Cristina Scocchia, CEO of Kiko. “We estimate revenue of about €50 million over the next three years, potentially generated from the e-commerce channel in China, which would significantly expand our presence in the East,” she added.

Tmall Global boasts a customer base of 552 million users, about half of which are aged under 30.