Decentraland debuts virtual fashion week

Decentraland debuts virtual fashion week

THE WHAT? Decentraland has launched what it is claiming to be the first fashion week to be held in the metaverse. The virtual reality platform will showcase new clothing collections from assorted brands this week, according to a report published by

THE DETAILS The Metaverse Fashion Week will feature all the usual runway shows, after parties and pop-up shops you’d expect, albeit in virtual reality with digital garments displayed on avatars walking virtual catwalks.

The event will be free and open to all with users asked to log into the platform to attend. Guests will be ab;e to scan a QR code to view an item and purchase NFTs via their crypto wallet.

THE WHY? The digital display is designed to democratise fashion and is billed as more environmentally friendly than its IRL equivalent. As Giovanna Casimiro, Head of Metaverse Fashion Week, told Dezeen, “MVFW will be accessible to anyone and everyone across the globe. One of the drawbacks of traditional fashion shows is that they are too restrictive to the average person, almost always being invite-only.”