Deirdre Stanley Departs Estée Lauder

Deirdre Stanley Departs Estée Lauder

THE WHAT?  The Estée Lauder Companies announced that Executive Vice President and General Counsel Deirdre Stanley is stepping down, remaining in her role until April 2, 2024, with her successor to be announced later. Stanley’s departure marks a significant shift in the company’s leadership, reflecting her substantial contributions since joining in 2019.

THE DETAILS During her tenure, Stanley led the company’s global legal strategy, offering expertise on a broad range of matters and serving as a strategic advisor to the senior leadership team, the Lauder family, and the Board of Directors. Her efforts were pivotal in aligning the company’s legal capabilities with business priorities, particularly in enhancing legal support across regions and addressing emerging risks

THE WHY?  Stanley has been recognized as a mentor, collaborative colleague, and leader in promoting the company’s Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity initiatives, notably as an Executive Sponsor of the NOBLE employee resource group. Her influence extended beyond legal advice, playing a key role in cultivating the company’s culture and contributing to its initiatives aimed at fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace.