Did Kylie Jenner just tease her next launch?

Did Kylie Jenner just tease her next launch?

THE WHAT? Kylie Jenner has set the internet alight with her Dolce & Gabbana TikTok diary, which appears to show her using an eyeliner that isn’t from her own make-up collection. So far, so controversial.

THE DETAILS However, as speculation mounted, it appears the product, which many had pegged as Make Up for Ever Artist Color Pencil Brow, Eye & Lip Liner, could in fact be a product in development. A close-up of the video shows the pencil to be Precision Pout Lip Liner in Lure; internet searches for a match throw up zero results.

THE WHY? Let’s face it, is an off-brand move likely for the social media star turned make-up mogul? The most likely explanation is that this is a contrived teaser for a soon-to-be-launched range. And it worked. Jenner 1, the internet 0.