Digital direction: London Fashion Week goes online with gender neutral platform

Digital direction: London Fashion Week goes online with gender neutral platform

THE WHAT? The British Fashion Council has announced that London Fashion Week will go ahead online, taking place between 12 and 14 June with a ‘gender-neutral platform’. 

THE DETAILS With social distancing measures still in place in the UK, the event will take place online with menswear and womenswear showcases being merged.

Taking to a statement, Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Fashion Council, said, “By creating a cultural fashion week platform, we are adapting digital innovation to best fit our needs today and something to build on as a global showcase for the future. Designers will be able to share their stories, and for those that have them, their collections, with a wider global community; we hope that as well as personal perspectives on this difficult time, there will be inspiration in bucketloads. It is what British fashion is known for.”

The dedicated website has been updated to include content such as interviews and podcasts with designers, webinars and digital showrooms, and aims to capture the “humorous spirit for which British fashion and London are known.”

THE WHY? The digitalization of London Fashion Week follows the same strategy as Shanghai Fashion Week and Chanel, as brands continue to adapt in a bid to overcome the cancellation of physical shows due to COVID-19. 

Likewise, the enforced isolation has spurred many brands to better engage with consumers, with Balenciaga’s CEO Cedric Charbit telling Vogue Runway that opening up shows online allows fashion to become more inclusive. 

He stated, “I think there is a digital reality that is already happening that one needs to embrace and face. Our audience has to be reconsidered.”  

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