Digital inspires Habibi cosmetics packaging

Digital inspires Habibi cosmetics packaging

Packaging for the Habibi Cosmetics range has been inspired by the swiping done when using digital devices, says its designer Kim Ramain-Colomb.

The bright packaging for the Morrocan-inspired range, made from traditional Aker Fassi pigment, has been created in clay pots to replicate terracotta bowls, with the make-up being part of Ramain-Colomb’s diploma project at ECAL.

Talking about the inspiration behind the packaging it is the swiping motion on smartphones that was behind the decision for the geometric shapes.

Ramain-Colomb told Dezeen, “I thought about the shapes which allow the objects to be integrated into our everyday life: compact, small and with all the information about the origins of the products.
“The sliding gesture is a very intuitive movement for us now.”

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