Dior partners with Lucibel on new LED Beauty Mask 

Dior partners with Lucibel on new LED Beauty Mask 

THE WHAT? Dior has teamed up with French innovation lighting company Lucibel to commercialize a LED mask technology, according to WWD.com.

THE DETAILS Dior designer Olivier Lapidus has worked with Lucibel on the beauty mask, which has created items for fashion runways, such as the luminous dress created with optical fiber technology. 

Lapidius has also made creations for the scientific field to treat babies with jaundice.

After 18 months of research Lapidus learned about LED technology and created the over-the-counter OVE beauty mask, which is said to be 18 times more powerful than other products formerly on the market. 

Set to be previewed at the Dior Cheval Spa Blanc Paris, it will be available in all Dior spas, as well as Dior boutiques and its website as of January, 2023. 

THE WHY? Taking to a statement Dior said, “Because the body is made up of living cells that have a vital need for exposure to light, the mask acts first of all as a natural energy source to balance the metabolism, restore harmony and sooth the mind.

“Young skin sees an instant effect on quality and imperfections (reduced pore diameter, rebalanced sebum levels and a luminous complexion). More mature skin sees an antiaging action that is strengthened over time (smoothed wrinkles, elasticity and volume density).”