Direct-selling cosmetics company Younique launches virtual parties

Direct-selling cosmetics company Younique launches virtual parties

American direct-selling cosmetics company Younique has launched an online platform that allows its representatives to throw virtual parties.

The company launched in 2012 with a business model that encourages its independent sales team, known as ‘Younique Presenters’ to utilize the power of social media to make sales. The company has now updated the functionality of its site with the launch of the ‘Younique Virtual Party Scheduler 2.0’.

The software, which is mobile compatible, allows Younique Presenters to host an online parties by selecting a custom party theme and sharing links to products via a range of social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook.

Younique Presenters have access to product information, videos and photos, and are also given the opportunity to tie into Younique campaigns and promotions. Products purchased are processed online and shipped directly from Younique. 

Younique Founder and CEO Derek Maxfield, commented, “Younique is changing the face of the beauty world with the Virtual Party Scheduler 2.0. Younique Virtual Parties are simple, secure and connected.

“The social media-based business model breaks down geographic barriers, adding accessibility and convenience for consumers, party hostesses and Presenters. This marks the first in a series of 2015 platform enhancements that will continue to make parties even more powerful and engaging across the leading social media sites.”