Diversity beyond numbers – A Mini-Series (Episode 1)

2020’s social justice movement called for businesses and brands to take meaningful steps in the support of racial equality.

So how in 2021 does the beauty industry build a roadmap that challenges brands to be more integrated, deliberate, and inclusive across their operations?

Find out more in the first episode of this mini-series in which we discuss some of the global issues impacting the beauty industry today.

This month’s panel: 

Lela Coffey, Vice President of Brands, North America & Hair Portfolio at P&G Beauty

Tiyale Hayes, Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing at BET 

Dr Rolanda Wilkerson, Principal Scientist & Senior Manager of Scientific Communications at P&G Beauty

Discuss: Diversity beyond numbers – insights and cultural drivers that can help brands authentically connect with diverse consumers.

Click here to learn more about the 4Rs Framework and download Diversity Beyond Numbers: A Guide to Authentically Connecting with Diverse Consumers

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