Doctor warns: ‘Lush valentine’s bath bomb not a sex toy’

Doctor warns: ‘Lush valentine’s bath bomb not a sex toy’

Lush has marked Valentine’s Day with the launch of a range of emoji-shaped bathbombs, with the remarkably phallic-shaped aubergine emoji causing a storm on social media with consumers likening the product to a sex toy – something healthcare professionals are warning against, according to a report by the Metro.

Consumers have taken to social media with comments such as, “Okay but did lush really think this through? There is gonna be at least one dumbass that tries to use that eggplant bath bomb as a dildo. Like come on. It’s gonna happen.” (sic)

However, speaking to The Metro, Dr Vanessa Mackay, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said, “We would strongly discourage the use of bath bombs internally, as these could disturb the fragile balance of good bacteria inside the vagina.
“This natural flora helps to protect the vagina and disrupting it could lead to irritation, inflammation, and infection, such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush.”

Indeed, Lush consumers are being urged to consider the repercussions of ill-use of the bath product, with an unnamed co-worker reportedly stating, “you’d be more likely to end up with a vagina injured by the bath bomb’s roughness.”

When approached for a comment by the paper, Lush reportedly stated, “We don’t need to comment on that.” No, you’d hope not. But just how savvy the Gen Z consumer is, you can’t be too sure.

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