Dove CMO and ‘Real Beauty’ Visionary Alessandro Manfredi Departs Unilever

Dove CMO and ‘Real Beauty’ Visionary Alessandro Manfredi Departs Unilever

THE WHAT? Alessandro Manfredi, Dove’s global chief marketing officer (CMO), is leaving Unilever after a notable 28-year tenure. Manfredi played a crucial role in developing Dove’s groundbreaking and profitable “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which has challenged societal beauty standards since 2004.

THE DETAILS Manfredi confirmed his departure on LinkedIn, marking the 20th anniversary of the “Real Beauty” campaign as a fitting conclusion to his journey. During his career at Unilever, he held various influential roles, including global VP of the Dove master brand and executive VP for Dove. Under his leadership, the “Real Beauty” campaign became one of the most awarded campaigns, significantly expanding Dove’s customer reach. In 2023, Dove’s innovative marketing efforts contributed to an 8.9% sales boost for Unilever’s Personal Care division, accounting for 23% of its $64 million turnover.

THE WHY? Manfredi’s departure marks the end of an era for Dove, a brand that has set the standard for purpose-driven marketing. His work, especially the “Reverse Selfie” campaign, highlighted the impact of digital image editing on self-esteem and body positivity. His legacy at Dove underscores the importance of combining purpose with profit, driving social change and business success.

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