Dove launches campaign to promote its Beauty Bar to Indian consumers

Dove launches campaign to promote its Beauty Bar to Indian consumers

Dove has launched its first campaign in India to encourage consumers to perform daily cleansing rituals using its Beauty Bar soap.

The ‘Beauty begins with care’ campaign advert features a group of regular women who were taken to a spa and given a mystery beauty treatment using the Beauty Bar. The advert captures their positive reactions to the treatment and disbelief that it did not involve a high-end spa product. The advert ends with the slogan, ‘Dove is not a soap. It’s a beauty bar.’

Vikramjeet Singh, Global Brand Director at Dove, commented, “Dove believes that every woman has a personal potential for beauty, which she can achieve with products that deliver superior care. Dove beauty bar contains one-fourth moisturising cream that nourishes skin from inside so you look and feel beautiful outside.”

Aparna Santhanam, a yoga teacher who was invited to sit on an expert panel at the campaign launch event in Mumbai, commented, “There are a lot of beauty brands that are available to consumers right now, but I identify strongly with how Dove has created a niche for itself amidst all the noise. I agreed to work as a consultant with Dove mainly because of its unique proposition of superior care forming the foundation of beauty and the fact that beauty actually begins in the shower.”