Dove Men+Care challenges stereotypes with March madness campaign

THE WHAT? Unilever-owned Dove Men+Care is hoping to encourage white men to see Black men as multidimensional after research revealed that, when shown an image of a Black men, white men are more likely to describe him as an athlete over any other profession.

THE DETAILS By championing and showcasing multidimensional stories of former NCAA student athletes with Off Court Champs, the brand is hoping to challenge limiting stereotypes and change the way Black men are treated in society.

Dove Men+Care has partnered with seven Off Court Champs, who are former NCAA student athletes turned CEOs, authors, professors, and more.

THE WHY? Esi Eggleston Bracey, Chief Operating Officer, Unilever N.A. Beauty and Personal Care, explains, “Mainstream media and culture have longstanding histories of perpetuating stereotypes by showcasing extremely limited and inaccurate depictions of Black men. These stereotypes have a tremendously negative impact and affect not only how the world views Black men, but also how Black men view themselves. We are using our platform during March Madness® to showcase and celebrate these Off Court Champs – their stories, their humanity, and their impact off the court – to change the way the world sees and treats Black men.”

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