Dove tops personal care brands in Ace Metrix advert ranking

Dove tops personal care brands in Ace Metrix advert ranking

A list of the top 30 ads from Q1 has been compiled by US marked research firm Ace Metrix, with Dove ranking top of all four cosmetics brands that made it into the list. 

To compile the data, Ace Metrix asked 150,000 consumers to view 1,700 ads, giving each commercial a score (between 1-950) based on 96 measures such as watchability, desire, relevance, change, attention, information, likeability, and persuasion.

The viewers rated Dove’s “One Personal Tweet To Start A Trend” advert at number 12, with it achieving an overall ratings score of 652. The ad was part of Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign which involved a partnership with Twitter, in which Twitter staff personally responded with constructive feedback to counter every negative message tweeted about a woman’s self-image.

Other cosmetics and personal care brands to be recognised in the top 30 list included Always “#LikeAGirl” (Ace Score:636), Herbal Essences “#Rejuvenate Every Hair” (Ace Score: 573) and Almay’s “Carrie Underwood: The Spirit of America” (Ace Score: 562).

Dove gained “Ad of the Quarter” title, which Ace Metric awards to what it considers the top five most innovative or game-changing adverts included in the top 30 list. Dove scored 20 percent higher score than adverts from the cosmetics and personal care sectors traditionally perform in its ratings.