DSM-Firmenich and Interstellar Lab Forge Innovative Partnership

DSM-Firmenich and Interstellar Lab Forge Innovative Partnership

THE WHAT?  DSM-Firmenich has partnered with Interstellar Lab to revolutionize botanical ingredients production, leveraging advanced biotechnologies and AI-controlled environments to push the boundaries of natural innovation in agrotech and sustainable innovation. This collaboration aims to explore new dimensions in olfactive richness and sustainability, positioning DSM-Firmenich at the forefront of agrotech innovation.

THE DETAILS  The partnership focuses on researching the impact of environmental conditions on plant yield and phenotype, utilizing Interstellar Lab’s biofarming platforms to minimize farming’s climate impact and preserve biodiversity. This initiative underscores DSM-Firmenich’s commitment to innovation, aiming to reshape the landscape of species selection and ingredient production to ensure the highest quality of natural extracts for perfumery.

THE WHY?  By combining DSM-Firmenich’s expertise in natural ingredients with Interstellar Lab’s advanced biofarming capabilities, this collaboration seeks to break new ground in the perfumery sector, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. The partnership is poised to unlock the potential of exclusive natural ingredients, setting new standards for olfactive quality and environmental stewardship in the creation of sustainable scents for the future.