E.l.f. Launches Bitmoji Lipstick Promo

E.l.f. Launches Bitmoji Lipstick Promo

THE WHAT?  E.l.f. Cosmetics has partnered with Snapchat for a unique promotion, introducing the “Bitmoji Beauty Drop” for their O Face Satin Lipstick. This campaign allows Snapchat users to add a free digital version of the lipstick to their Bitmoji avatars.

THE DETAILS   Users can access the lipstick through ads in Bitmoji Stories, a feature with a large subscriber base. The lipstick can be applied to Bitmojis and saved for future use. Snapchat also provides an AR Bitmoji Lens for virtually trying on different lipstick shades.

THE WHY? The campaign aims to blend digital self-expression with beauty products. Snapchat’s focus on personalisation in digital avatars aligns with this campaign, tapping into the trend of users reflecting their real-life style preferences in their Bitmojis. E.l.f. Cosmetics views this initiative as a step in innovative digital marketing, leveraging the popularity of Bitmojis for brand engagement.