Eco-Soap Bank Launches Innovative Program: Upcycling Soap Scraps to Provide Essential Hygiene Solutions for Children Globally


Eco-Soap Bank: Transforming Soap Scraps from Artisan, Small-Scale Soapmakers into Lifelines for Children Worldwide In New Program

In a groundbreaking initiative to combat hygiene-related illnesses, Eco-Soap Bank is leading the charge with its innovative #ScrapPack campaign. Launched in 2015, this global movement is dedicated to collecting leftover soap scraps from artisan and craft soapmakers and transforming them into new, life-saving bars of soap for children in need across Africa and Asia. 

The significance of soap in maintaining health, especially among children in developing countries, cannot be overstated. With handwashing shown to reduce harmful bacteria presence by 92%, Eco-Soap Bank’s mission addresses a critical gap in global hygiene practices. Shockingly, in some regions, only 1% of households have access to soap for handwashing, contributing to preventable illnesses that claim the lives of children every minute. Eco-Soap Bank’s three-step process—rescue, recycle, and distribute—ensures a zero-waste cycle that not only benefits the environment but also empowers local communities. 

By employing 160 disadvantaged women, providing fair wages, and increasing their savings by 73%, Eco-Soap Bank fosters financial stability and empowerment. The impact of this initiative is profound, with over 5 million pounds of soap recycled, soap donations extending to 25 countries, including Ukraine, and reaching over 8 million children. 

The outcomes are tangible: a 43% decrease in disease, a 23% increase in child school attendance, and an overarching improvement in community health and well-being. Eco-Soap Bank’s #ScrapPack campaign is more than a recycling program; it’s a global movement towards a healthier, more equitable world. 

Join us in this life-saving mission: send your soap scraps and be part of the change. Together, we can save lives, one bar of soap at a time. For more information, visit